While other people are making dull and predictable New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, get a new job and take up a new hobby, why not make some resolutions with your partner?⁣


Here are some New Year’s s*x resolutions to consider – the resolutions you may actually want to stick to.⁣

1. Have more s*x⁣

S*x makes your life better. Research has shown that those who have more s*x generally have longer lives, not to mention their skin glows. The serotonin and dopamine released during s*x make your life better and happier.⁣

2. Use lube⁣

Yes, we have to start with lubrication because there is no way women can enjoy s*x without adequate wetness, so men get lube if you want her to enjoy penetration.⁣

3. Learn the Kamasutra⁣

What is the Kamasutra? Glad you asked, now go and learn about it. The ancient Kamasutra technique tells you so many ways to achieve your sexual desires through different s*x positions like 69, faceoff, spork, champagne room, pretzel drip, doggy, cowgirl helper and so on.⁣

4. Fulfil one or two s*xual fantasies⁣

Is it sex on a beach? In an elevator? Or in the car? Period s*x? Think of your wildest s*xual fantasy and bring it to life. After all, you only live once. Do it this year!⁣

5. Use a s*x toy⁣

Sex toys exist for a reason and one of the reasons is to spice up your sex life. Let your spouse use a s*x toy on you and watch your/their orgasm soar.⁣

6. Try one weird kink⁣

There are so many kinks and fetishes you need to try. Have you sucked toes before? Given a blow job? Swallowed cum? Spit into someone’s mouth? Tried bondage and pain? Role played with costumes? No? Then try it this year if you hate at least you can have a good laugh.⁣

7. Moan loudly⁣

Man or woman, if you have been stifling your moans, stop it now and learn how to shout to bring the room down and disturb your neighbours. You give your partner pleasure and heighten your own orgasm.⁣



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