After a long break from the music industry, Delta state born female rap artist “D’Girl Cypher” is here with a comeback track “MASSES”.

On this song, The Femcee raps about her struggles in the music game, her career realities; her God’s given talent challenges etc.

This song talks about how people stab you in the back and smile to your face, D’Girl Cypher pours out her experiences so far in her music career journey, where she has been slandered severally on her tomboy lifestyle.
On a recent discussion we had with D’Girl Cypher,
when asked about why she left the scene for quite some time, she explained how the industry toys with her feelings through judging her appearance as a female rapper, her dress swags, her male looking picture.

Recalling on when she won a Huge sum of cash some years ago from a music competition; which was presented to her by The Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa himself, she says she would have been signed to a big Nigerian Record label; but they insist they would rather sign an artiste that looks girly than sing D’Girl Cypher for being a Tomboy.

This song is produced by ID Cleff



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