Dollar Girl’s “Your Mind Dey” is a fantastic track that blends Afrobeats and Highlife elements to create an ambient and groovy sound. The song, which is sung primarily in pidgin English, features catchy lyrics that touch on themes of love, relationships, and desire. The instrumentals are vibrant and cohesive, featuring a mixture of live percussion and electronic beats that keep the song lively and exciting.

The vocals are delivered impeccably by Dollar Girl, who displays a level of confidence and swagger that is rare for an emerging artist. “Your Mind Dey” is a great representation of Dollar Girl’s sound and style, fusing traditional African rhythms and melodies with contemporary production techniques. Overall, it’s a song that is guaranteed to get you dancing and singing along, and it’s definitely worth a listen for fans of Afrobeats and Highlife music.


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Your Mind Dey

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