Indeed the current situation of the African Country Nigeria is the worst so far in history, from being corrupt as a nation in every way, being ruled by old thieves who choose to keep money that they won’t take graves to themselves and being a country known for fraudulent activities.

There is a quote that says “what is worth doing is worth doing well” but guess what, the thugs  who were according to the Nigerian police force trained to be a part of their force, SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) specifically, have been doing straightly opposite of what they were supposed to do in the nation Nigeria.

According to their purpose in the police force, these said people called SARS were supposed to be the people who will be summoned when there is a robbery or kidnapping in any part of the country, but these people are after every young citizens of the nation simply because they look modern.

Hold a Sec, how can you be called an Anti-Robbery squad but you are the same person doing the robbery. I thought you were meant to fight robbery? Is it now (DO WHAT I SAY BUT DON’T DO WHAT I DO)?

The SARS has robbed and killed too many young Nigerians because they look classy and flashy, because they think they are richer than them, because they think these young boys (HEADWORK AND HANDWORK) pays them more than what their own work pay.

This is the time to END SARS and END POLICE BRUTALITY in Nigeria

This song is directed to every single Police Officer in the                Nigerian Police Force

Please stop killing your own brothers

Listen and download < Yung BZ >< End Police Brutality >× featuring ×< Kelvin Kriz >

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